Why Meditation is important for us?

November 26, 2015
Meditation for peace of mind

I have recently written a post on Meditation and how to mediate or how should meditation be done by a beginner?

I am greatly benefiting from my own Meditation practice, though I practice for only 15 minutes.

There are many changes which I feel in myself after practicing this art daily. I reiterate the importance of practicing mediation on a  regular basis.A regular practice will ensure that we are committed to that practice.

Even if we dedicate 10 minutes to meditation, it will have a huge positive effect on our daily life. One who practices daily will definitely, see and feel these changes.

Here I would like to touch upon more benefits of Meditation and why should we make this practice an integral part of our life.

Meditation for Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation for Mind, Body and Soul


Meditation improves us as a person we are

When we practice any asana or yoga pose, we are making our physical self-healthy. Similarly when we practice Meditation, we are making our mind healthy.

Whenever we are in stress, we are suggested to calm down. Being calm gives us a chance to understand a situation and  improves our reaction to that particular situation.

This calmness or the self-control on oneself is highly gained after the practice of mediation.

When we meditate, we focus on ourselves rather than the outside world. We gain more self-control and improve ourselves.

Meditation cultivates a habit of discipline

So, you have decided to go for walks daily or to practice a new language on a regular basis. Whatever be your resolution, try to do it daily. Yes, each day!!

Mediation will act as a catalyst and will help you achieving your goal. Mediation increases the power of self- control and improves self-discipline abilities.

Mediation helps in reducing stress

Mediation is the best therapy to reduce stress. It makes you more mentally aware and relaxes your brain.

It is said that meditation has effect on your nervous sytem and it controls the production of cortisol which is a stress related chemical.

Meditation helps you to improve your health

As mediation helps in reducing stress, it directly helps in stabilizing blood pressure. Meditation is also suggested to people suffering from serious illness.

Meditation helps in staying focused

From my personal experience, I find that I am more focused on the task at hand. Being a multitask person, my mind used to bounce from one task to other. I was more worried about the other things than of the things at hand.

With my daily practice of mediation, I find the focus of my mind improving on the task at hand. Hence it gives me more satisfaction.

Meditation - Provides emotional stability

Meditation – Provides emotional stability

Meditation provides emotional stability

No one can deny the benefit of mediation for the person suffering from anxiety and depression.

“According to studies, scientists have found meditators showed measurable changes in the parts of the brain associated with stress, empathy, memory and sense of self.

The amount of gray matter in the amygdala (associated with stress) decreased, while the gray matter in the left prefrontal cortex (associated with happiness) increased. Non-meditators showed no changes.”


I am in the journey of getting benefits from the Mediation. One of the best ways to experience all these changes in oneself is by being the part of the journey.

I invite my readers to join this journey. Start with 10 -15 minutes. Beginners learn how to mediate and then take the journey to next level.

Happy Practicing.

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