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Walking : One of the best exercises during pregnancy

September 6, 2017
Best exercise during pregnancy

Walking is considered as one the best exercises to follow during pregnancy. First of all, there is hardly any cost associated with it. You need a good sneakers, place and time to follow it.It is one of the best cardiovascular activities that can be continued through out 9 months.Also, it requires no knowledge or special classes. Even if you are not a physical active person before, you can carry it out during pregnancy.


  • GOOD SHOES : There can be chances that your foot size has changed during pregnancy. There can be swelling or water retention which might alter the size a little.So, if you think there is a change in the size, buy a new pair of sneaker.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME : If you were previously physically inactive and have recently started walking, you need to give time to yourself.Don’t set a time limit or how far you are going to walk. Surrender to your body. Initially walk as much as possible.Then you can slowly increase your distance.
  • USE SUNSCREEN : During pregnancy many of us struggle from melasma which causes dark and discolored patches on the skin.Hence wear sunscreen irrespective of the season.You can use a sunscreen with SPF of 30.
  • EAT SOMETHING : During pregnancy you constantly require energy. You will find yourself tired even after doing simple activity. It is always advisable to eat small meals.You can have some nuts, yogurt, cheese or something light before a walk. This will help you to meet your energy requirement during walk.
  • CARRY WATER : One should always be hydrated during pregnancy (otherwise also :)). Dehydration can results in contraction and other complications.Always carry a water bottle with you while walking.
  • STAY CONNECTED: Always carry your cellphone and emergency numbers with you. It would be better if you team up with someone for your walking session. Otherwise always inform your family members your walking route.This is really necessary during the last trimester when chances of delivery are high.

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