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Self discipline – A gateway to new life

June 6, 2017
self discipline

If I am to be asked what do you thing as one of the life most important skills. A skill that can be the foundation of a healthy body, great life, better skill-sets and confidence. I would give all the credit to “Self discipline”. Whenever I practice this skill, I am at my best shape. There is no room for procrastination. Things improve, my health feels better, I feel more confident and alive and ready to take new challenges. I become a jovial person.

When there is lack of self-discipline, I lose track of the things I decided for myself. I feel things forced upon me. I no longer enjoy work and keep on procrastinating. It affects everything, It effects my mood, my behavior with people near to me. There is no zeal to start something new. No zeal to go out, explore new things. I feel guilty of not following or doing things properly. The more guilty I feel, the more keep on procrastinating.This makes me feel more bad about myself. It also becomes a viscous cycle.

Steps to improve self discipline.

  • Set a goal: This is for all age-group. Generally we stop setting a goal when we become complacent in life. We feel settled and don’t make enough efforts to improve ourselves. There can be many things that even a well successful person wants to achieve. 
    Steps to attain self discipline - Set a goal

    Steps to attain self discipline – Set a goal

    Think about your long term desire which you want to achieve.Once decided, think how long will it take to achieve.

  • Break the task into small things: Are you thinking about managing your finances properly. Learning more about the stock market so that you can invest there.All things require efforts. If you want to master, start small.Once you have broken down the task into small things, work on it for 10 minutes daily. Work on it every day and make sure that you fix minutes uninterrupted to work on it.
  • Overcoming the discomfort feeling: We always look for some distraction when we have to concentrate on the work we have in hand. We check our mobiles, we think about watching our favorite show and continuing work after its completion, we might also indulge in food breaks.There is always a discomfort feeling that comes around when we have to complete our given task. Instead of avoiding that discomfort feeling, embrace it. No matter how uncomfortable you feel, keep doing the task.The feeling to complete something is more magical than those uncomfortable moments. Live for that magic moments.
  • Read something motivational or form a community: We humans are inspired by people.If you need some motivational, read out inspiring stories. You can also form a support group of friends and family. People are more focused and follow discipline when they work in group.You have to find courage to reveal your plans and ask for support.

You can look for more motivational here  and here.

Till then, Happy practicing.

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