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Never give up. Go, chase your dreams.

February 13, 2016
Never give up

Before reading the post, just check out these two awesome videos. You gotta do it dude.These videos are so inspiring that I can’t stop sharing with the viewers of my blog….

Never give up

And hey there is another one, which will inspire you more and more…

So, whatever be your dream or goal, whatever be your age, just truly believe that you can achieve it… Just never give up.

Set your goals

  1. If you want to start your journey now ; Do it, before this inspiration fades away.
  2. Write it down, decide how will you do it and keep moving.
  3. In case you have not decided and have a plethora of dreams,then just stop. Write down each one and think about them. From these goals which are the ones you truly care and are close to your heart.There may be some which you are doing for the sake of keeping others happy. Drop it dude.
  4. If you don’t have any goals and you are another happy go lucky fellow who lives in present and doesn’t care about future then think of the big picture. Visualize how would you like your life to be in another 2-3 years.Once you got it,then you can easily think of the goal.

    Never give up

    Never give up

Check out the resources

  1. So, you have decided on the goals. Now check out what is needed to achieve that goal.If you are planning to learn a new skill, check out the sources from where you can learn.
  2. If you think, you need some training or help of someone, then please go ahead.
  3. Do, a good search and check for the all resources and shortlist what fits you.

Dedicate your time

  1. Set at least half an hour aside for your goal.
  2. Don’t do anything else but only those things that are require to accomplish your goals.
  3. There will be a strong urge to take a break, check the social media updates. Let that urge pass. Don’t think much about that. Just think of how others have done and achieved and so can you.

Track your progress

  1. Goals are not just to reach the destination but to count on the journey too.
  2. Track your progress, check what are your obstacles.
  3. Check what method is working well for you and you are enjoying.Keep using that method.
  4. If there are obstacles, seek advice and look out for solution. You will definitely find one.

Stay motivated

  1. Finally stay motivated and never give up.
  2. If, you feel tired or lost, just come back and watch these videos.And say to yourself, never give up …never.
  3. If you want to read something more inspirational before writing your own story. Check this out.

What else you need!!! Just do it and remember Never give up.

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    Yes, agree with you. Living every moment of life for achieving dreams will reach you to the goal. After achieving that Goal, assign some other big goal.
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