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How to practice affirmations

August 14, 2016
How to practice affirmations

Affirmations are positive words you say to yourself. Anything that is positive has remarkable power in it and when it is words, the consequences are amazing and experiences are motivating. When it is so easy to motivate yourself and to have a life time experience; why we don’t use it!!

Firstly we don’t believe it. Also, with age, the wisdom which we have acquired, don’t make us believe that this could be true. We have become enmeshed in the mediocre of our daily life.This is the reason why a 20 year old person is filled with more hopes and determination than a 40 or even a 30 year old. With age, they say comes wisdom but with age comes stagnancy, no-risk attitude. We become slaves of our habits and find it difficult to challenge it and improve it.

How to use affirmations

  • Make the stock of your qualities

    Firstly make the stock of your qualities. Separate them into positive attributes (being kind hearted, beautiful, intelligent) and the one which you want to change or don’t believe as your strength, which we will say as a negative script (short tempered, unhealthy eater, smoker, heavy weight). Please note being overweight  or anything else is not a negative attribute, it is something that you want to change in yourself. If you are happy with your weight or something else, then don’t include it in that list. Also affirmations can be something that you want to achieve like being happy or being rich. So, you can write about them also.

  •  Give priority to the things which you want to change

    Once you have made your list, you should prioritize the things which you want to change in yourself. If you see improvement in some of your ways, you can add further to the list. However it is advisable to start with less and no more than five.

Write your affirmations in present tense

Write your affirmations in present tense

  • Write your affirmations

 You should write the affirmations in the present tense. You can start by writing : I am ..For example, you can write as I am wealthy, I am happy or if  you feel hard to believe this, write as I can.Try to use shorter sentences and everyday try to use the same language. Like I can become smoke free. Also, write your affirmations in such a way that focus on the things you want not the things you want to eliminate. For example, you should write I am smoke free rather than I am not addicted to cigarettes.

  • Repeat your affirmations everyday

You should daily write your affirmation in a diary and book a point of day for the same. You can either write it during early morning or before you go to bed. Make sure you are free and have time to reflect  on it. You can also mediate about your affirmation. Shut your eyes and believe in what you say.

  • Paste them in the various places

    You can use sticky notes and paste them in various places where you can see them and reflect on them. It can be your kitchen’s board, refrigerator or on mirror.

  • Attach positive emotions to them

Affirmation becomes successful, if you attach positive emotions to it. Feel it when you say your affirmations. Feel it as if you have already achieved them.

Try these steps and one day you will realize the one thing that you want to change about yourself or improve about yourself, you have already realized.

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