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A new year resolution to improve your life

December 22, 2015
New year resolution

Yes, it is the time of the year where we make new resolution. The resolutions are the steps to reach our wish list. I don’t remember making up these resolutions as they fade away from my memory even before a week is over. And they say, it takes 21 days to form a habit (now they are claiming even more)

It doesn’t mean that I don’t make any resolution or challenge myself. Yes, I do. However it is not a guarantee that I make them during new years’ time. They come when I feel a strong urge for something to achieve.

Over the period of time, I have realized that there are some habits that help us to achieve many things. They are the basic foundation of some of our desires. It can be power of positive thinking or can be being grateful.

So, here I recommend this resolution which would definitely help you in more ways than you actually thought of.

Here is the resolution

Every day do some sort of physical activity/exercise/play sports

Regular physical excerise - Make it a way of life

Regular physical exercise – Make it a way of life

Yes, you heard it right. I know this resolution tops everyone’s list. But, have you actually thought of the real benefits of following this.

I don’t recommend having a long resolution list. I just, need you to have this one as the resolution and you will see so many benefits coming out of it.

Here are some points which I feel should be the reason to exercise.

We care for our body

We have literally become some sort of machine. We are always in hurry. We juggle between so many responsibilities. We leave no stone unturned to help our loved ones, to care them or to protect them. However during this process, we feel tired, stressed, exerted. We don’t realize that our body also needs care. Exercise is a way to tell our body that we care for it.

We become conscious of what we eat

The moment we exercise, we put our health first motto. Knowingly or unknowingly, we avoid things which are generally not recommended for good health, it can be too much chocolates or sugar candy. If, we indulge in something, we are always careful of the intake.

We are more active and more stress free

A resolution to make yourself stress free

A resolution to make yourself stress free

 There are so many studies which have suggested that to beat the stress, you have to exercise.

Do, you remember your day’s tension while you are playing a game of badminton or dribbling the basket ball.

We have a positive outlook for life

People who exercise, have a positive outlook for life. They are optimistic in their task and and hence it improves their productivity.

We become more healthier

I know everyone knows this fact. Yes, it is simple. You become more fit with your daily exercise regime. It means less doctor’s visit and a great relief on your pocket as well.

We learn new things

Exercise can be in any form. It can be a game of squash or swimming daily. It can also be the asanas for which you only need a yoga mat. Whatever form you adopt, you learn new things about that activity. You learn one then you advanced for second. Slowly and slowly you become a master of that sports or the activity.

We can eat without feeling guilty

I remember when I used to exercise daily, indulging in ice-cream or chocolates was a guilt free experience. As I knew that I won’t be eating beyond a limit because I care for my body and I would shed this extra weight by practicing more moves of Sun Salutation.

We have the best good night sleep and a satisfactory day

Sleep like a baby

Sleep like a baby

Finally with all this optimistic attitude, so much energy and a stress free day, we will have a most wonderful night and we sleep like a baby.

So, let’s hear from your side. What will be your new year’s resolution this year? How are you planning to start this new year?Let’s share ideas with each other and motivate others.

Till then Happy Practicing.

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  • Reply Sam November 27, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Great advice! This New Year is going to be great.

    • Reply yogafreak December 4, 2016 at 8:26 am

      Yes Sam, we make a life by the way we think. And yes,New Year will be great with good opportunities.

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