Yoga during pregnancy

May 8, 2017
Yoga during pregnancy

If you are an active Yoga practitioner who is well versed in Asthanga poses, pregnancy will be a time, when you have to stop and look for the asanas which you can do and can’t do.

Every pregnancy is different. The same mom will have different expierence in her first and second pregnancies. Nothing can be generalised. To practice yoga especially during the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is at its peak, should be based on individual decision. Most of us feel fatigued, nausea, loss of energy during this time. And sometimes, you are hardly left with any energy to step onto the mat. Don’t get discouraged.You can try some mediation practice which won’t require you much physical activity and where you can channelize all your energy.

If you are the one who feels can indulge in few yoga poses, here are some guidelines you can follow. Please note to consult your yoga teacher or an expert, before practicing.

  • Standing Poses: Some of the standing poses that are known to be safe for pregnant women are extended triangle pose and extended side angled pose.

    Utthita Trikonasan

    Utthita Trikonasan

  • Balance Poses: Balance poses are considered to be safe.Inform your teacher and you can try some modified version of these poses where you feel firmly grounded and well balanced. Warrior I, Warrior II can be done under the guidance of an expert.
  • Open Seated Twists: One should not put any pressure on the abdomen during pregnancy.Hence you are supposed to avoid any twists asana during this time.However open seated twists can help relieve pain that may be felt on the lower back. At the same time, this will not put pressure on the abdomen.Many yoga teachers advise not to practice the twist during third trimesters. So, care should be taken and expert advice should be followed.
  • Back Stretches: Child pose is something that will relieve the back ache and hence is advised during pregnancy time.

Avoid any pose, which puts pressure on your abdomen.Inversions also have to be avoided because this may stop the blood flow that you absolutely need. They may also cause dizziness at times and should generally just be avoided altogether.

Always keep in mind, to take advise from a well trained teacher before indulging in any form of poses or asanas.

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    Very useful article for any pregnant woman. I like to do Yoga. Yoga is always my first choice or option to be fit and healthy.

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