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What to wear during Yoga Practice

October 20, 2015
Peaceful Yoga

Peaceful Yoga

Any exercise is done best when you are comfortable with the surrounding and with yourself. If you are constantly being conscious about your loose T-shirt which keeps coming on your top while doing head asanas then it’s no fun.

While performing Bikram Yoga, which is a 90 minute workout at high temperature, if you are uncomfortable with your sweat shirt or highly layered clothes, it’s time to concentrate on your clothes first.

In Yoga, there are many asanas where you will be lifting your lower body or a leg at 90 degree or during head stand, hence proper choice of clothes is also an important part.

Big No for Yoga

Big No for Yoga

Go for light and thin clothes

You can go for cotton leggings, tank tops. Avoid wearing too tight clothes as they can restrict your movements.

Yoga Dress -Tank tops & Leggings

Yoga Dress -Tank top & Leggings

Avoid wearing too loose or too tight clothes

Too loose clothes can also restrict your movements as half of the time, you would be adjusting them.

Too tight clothes will not only restrict your movement but will also give you discomfort while sweating.

Avoid wearing loose shorts

Loose shorts

Loose shorts

Your running sports’ shorts can’t be a replacement for your Yoga attire. Better wear them for the sport for which you have bought them. There are so many yoga asanas which require you to bend forward or raise your leg up in the air. While doing asana you should feel comfortable and confident, rather than being conscious.

Leggings for Yoga

Leggings for Yoga

You can go for fitted leggings which are not only comfortable but also make you move freely while performing asanas.

Decide your wear on the type of class you choose and the area where it is performed

I used to go for classes at my society park area at 5:00 in the morning. Even in summers we used to feel a little cold during those early hours.

In such cases, you can wear a very light sweater on top and if you feel in midway that if you are warm enough, you can quickly place them on your side.

Try to avoid chains, bangles or any jewelry while doing the Practice

Avoid wearing jewelry during Yoga practice

Avoid wearing jewelry during Yoga practice

You might be fascinated with the Indian beads or their artistic bangles which you have seen at yoga store, however it’s not a good idea to wear them during Practice session. They are constant source of distraction while performing any asana.

Finally, one should always focus on comfort and fit. If the clothes suggested for practice are not of your types and you have been practicing every other sports in your loose shorts, then don’t worry. It is not how it looks but how it feels. Once you will feel comfortable in your yoga leggings, you can will be more confident to take up the various asana.

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