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Ways to spend weekends and improve your life

November 22, 2015
Weekends time to refuel yourself

Well weekend is just about to be over and I am still struggling with my to do list for weekends. To do list!! Yes, that’s right. Every Friday evening, I make my to do list for weekends.

I write on sticky notes and make sure to complete maximum out of it. I feel an ache on Monday if I find maximum part of my to do list undone. It makes my Monday morning more bluer.

So, why do I write to do list or make sure to spend quality weekends when I know it is the time to party ,relax and sleep.

For a working person, where long commutation, 8+ hours of job and other family commitments take a major pie of the life, it is the weekends which provide some spare time, a time to relax, follow some of the hobbies, finish some of undone tasks and yes to find me time for themselves.

Being a working mom, I know the importance of free time and the moment I let it skip from my hands, I have to wait for another week to do something I wanted to do.

So, here are some general tips that I would suggest everyone on how to spend their weekends.


Wake up early during weekends

Well, if you are really looking for some Me time, then don’t oversleep on weekends. Instead try to wake up an hour before every one wakes up. An hour extra time during weekends can work wonder. Also, you feel more energetic and enthusiastic with the idea of not spending your weekend lazing around.

Wake up early during weekends

Wake up early during weekends

Do some physical exercise

After waking an hour early, you can put on your running shoes and go for a run in the neighborhood park. A jog or a walk in the fresh air, will make you feel more energetic and happy.You can also do some indoor Yoga exercise. Is there any better way to start your weekend!!

Do some physical activity during weekends

Do some physical activity during weekends

Disconnect yourself from the virtual world

Unhook yourself from the virtual world. These two days are so special that you should feel its importance. You can unplug your wi-fi or mobile data. Don’t get addicted to social media. Always understand the importance of these two days.


Unplug yourself during weekends

Unplug yourself during weekends


Spend time with your family and friends

Weekends are the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones or with people you share the same interest. Take out time to visit them, plan a lunch or dinner with them. You will feel so good and rejuvenated than spending time all by yourself.

Spend time with friends during weekends


Spend time on your interest

Aren’t you waiting for these two days, to finish your favorite novel or to plan a trip to the nearest hill station or cook a meal you were wanting to do for long. Whether you like travelling or reading, or whatever interests you, do it over the weekend. They are perfect time to dive into your interest.


Clean your house and get rid of unnecessary clutter

So your almirah is a debacle. Sort out all your clothes, get rid of the unwanted one.Clean your kitchen cupboards, sort out the papers laying on the rack. Get rid of your old makeup products and unwanted stuffs.Nothing gives a more satisfying feeling than a clean house.

Clean up activity during weekends

These are just few things, one should do on weekend and you will experience a less painful Monday blues.

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