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The power of gratitude

December 29, 2015
The power of gratitude

Let’s say goodbye to this beautiful year 2015 by showing gratitude for everything it has given us.

This year I came across a very beautiful book ‘The Secret’ which was published in 2006 and was also at my home but I never read it.

I thought it is some kind of fictional work and didn’t even read the summary. Then one of my colleagues gave me its DVD to watch. After watching the DVD, I read the book.

The book has a chapter that focuses on the Gratitude.

According to universal law of attraction we attract what we think about. Let’s make gratitude as one of the points to think of every day. Gratitude for everything that universe has bestowed to us in form of food, shelter, family, health.

There is an amazing power in being grateful.

Gratitude helps us to realize the worth of things

Gratitude helps us to realize the importance of things. We value what we have and it reduces our need of wanting more all the time.

It helps in improving relationships

We feel thankful for the small acts people do to us. We admire them and wish to reciprocate the same gesture to them.

It helps us to stay positive

Even when the things don’t go our way, we thank for the lesson we learned from the situation. We stay positive and don’t complain.

Don’t we all want to change the negative person in us through this power of gratitude? So, let’s learn simple ways. Here are the simple ways to practice this power.

  • Keep a  Journal: Take some time out from your busy schedule and write simple gratitude notes in a diary. You can go through your day’s event and pick up the small incidents for which you are thankful.
  • Thank the person you want to by messaging or calling them. It will not only make the other person’s day but will also make you feel happy.

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