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Thank you Universe

May 9, 2016
The power of gratitude

My today’s post is dedicated to the Universe and to that ultimate power, whom we mortals call as God.

As I write this post, my heart is fill with so much love and gratitude.

First and foremost I thank the Universe for taking care of me, my family, their health and everything. Thank you so much. You have always protected us by all means and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thankĀ  and bow to Patanjali, all the Yoga gurus who have given us such a great wisdom of Yoga. Yoga is a real gift to life and I feel thankful that I know about it and try to practice it.It has added positivity in my life.It has provided strength( mental and physical), has made me more aware about my body and its need.

I thank each one of you, who come to my site and read my posts. Without your interest, clicks, comments there would be no enthusiasm to write. I know I am not a yoga teacher, in fact there are so many poses which I have a long way to master, but you people still come and read. There are thousands of yoga blogs and useful videos, stillĀ  I see visitors in my blog. I am really grateful and thankful for each one of you.

I share some gratitude and powerful love stories links here.

3 Stories of Gratitude and Powerful Love

Just as you read these lines, try to say Thankyou for this wonderful life.

Thank you once again.

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