Six Day a week in Mysore Style Yoga

August 4, 2017
Six days a week in Mysore style

My yoga practice is influenced by Mysore style. Also, called the Asthanga Mysore Yoga, followed after Guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois who lived in Mysore city. Here you are supposed to memorize the sequence and follow them at your own pace and breath movement. In this way, you are not bound to look at the teacher and follow him. Instead you can concentrate internally, on your breath which is a type of meditation.

While practicing Mysore style, you determine your own pace. Some days you may feel so light and agile in your practice while there are days where you would be pushing yourself.You must listen to your body during practice. You shouldn’t force practice on yourself. This prevents you from injuries and make you more internally aware.

Also, the Primary Series of Asthanga is sequenced in such a way that it will slowly build up your flexibility and strength. An asthangini Yogi, practice for six days a week. This can be really tiring for a new students. New students can start with three days a week and once they are regular in their practice, can add a day in their practice. Asthanga Yoga is just like meditation. You are focused on your breath and drishti (sight). Once you follow Mysore style on a daily basis, you will understand that it is more than physical fitness activity.It is more of a spiritual ritual. A ritual that you do every six days a week.

Creating a discipline

Six days practice helps you to be consistent in your practice.The discipline of six day practice can be daunting at first. It requires a deeper commitment towards Yoga. It is not just a hobby or a lifestyle approach. It is a practice, that helps you to make better.Many a times, you will find excuses for not doing Yoga. By sticking to six days ritual you will find yourself more on the mat. It may be hard at first and slowly as you immerse in this practice, you will understand the real meaning of Yoga and how it has changed you.

Physical Level

A six day practice helps you to strengthen your body, it provides more stamina and you gain flexibity. Daily practice assures that you gain them much faster than your inconsistent practice.

Mental Strength

You are as strong as your mental health. If you can follow a six day schedule by immersing in that discipline, it will boost your self confidence. You feel more responsible and happy by the act of discipline. This will further motivate you to take up different activities and challenges.

Enjoy the practice.


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    nice article. Six-day practice is good even you do it for 20 minutes.

    I wrote an article on benefits of morning yoga .If you have time make sure you check it.

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