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Practice Gratitude and it will help you

June 22, 2016
Practice gratitude

Last year, I was having a general discussion with my office colleague on hatha yoga, meditation and other stuffs. Suddenly she asked me whether I had seen the movie ‘The Secret’ or read the book. After hearing a no from me, she told me that she will lend me the DVD of the movie.

In fact I was having this book with me for so many years but I used to think it was some kind of fiction/detective novel. I generally avoid fiction and hence never read that book. After watching the DVD and then reading the book, I felt very positive. The book talks about the Law of Attraction and how we attract our own circumstances by our own thoughts. If you think and feel positive, good things will happen. It talks about how we can achieve anything by our own thinking.

The book also talks about practicing Gratitude, thanking the Universe for all the good things. This is the most important lesson I have taken from the book.

Believe me, being a working mom can drive you crazy many a times. Sometimes my office work is really demanding, you need to be fast, alert, perfect (first time right). And then comes the guilt of working mom. We are always trying to find the balance, making sure that things work smoothly at house and at work. We end up working beyond our capacity and feel tired, irritated. I feel more irritated that why most of the times I am in this irritating mood (sigh!!)

However from few past months, I feel content and happy. The rush is still there. My boss wants everything(first time right from my side) and with in no time. My daughter wants me to spend more time with her. The moment I open laptop to finish some office work, I am asked to play “Wheels on the bus”, ” Nani teri morni koe”. My husband’s job responsibility has increased X times and now he locks himself in a room since 6 in the evening till late at night as he has got those meetings and calls every other day. So, it is basically me only, managing dinner, playing with my darling and doing other stuffs. However I feel peace when I do this. The rush is still there. I make sure to put something on the plate before 7:30 for my daughter as she eats early and goes to bed by 9.

This peace took its own time to come to me. Nothing changed except I started one more ritual in my daily life. The practice of Gratitude. I thank Universe/God/Almighty/the Shiva (by whatever name you address) for small things.

How to start practicing Gratitude

  • You can start it from now only, by thanking God for giving you enough to have an internet connection that you are reading this post.
  • You can thank and feel the same, when someone does a kind act for you.
  • You can thank for small things in your life which you hardly notice like the food on the table, the hot water, the constant electricity and water supply, the cozy bed. Before you do any act (bathing, sleeping, eating) try to thank Universe for it. Initially you might not feel what you are saying. However I would advice you to just continue saying the same. Soon you will feel the words coming from your heart.
  • If you are not able to keep this thing in practice, try to start a journal. Write five things daily about what you are grateful for.Make it a habit. It can be a very small thing like having a hot cup of tea or a cool breeze you experienced while you were jogging. No matter what it is just write it down and thank Universe.
  • Try not to complain or speak bad about a situation, person or anything. Change your thoughts when you find yourself trapped in this.

Also, you will realize that you will find peace and content in any given situation. Now when on our way to work, if we are stuck in traffic (In Bangalore, you always do), I tell my husband that we are getting some more time to spend together and talk.So, thank for this time also. This certainly helps us to relax and view things from different perspective.

If you feel that you really need some guidance to practice Gratitude. I would suggest you another book by Rhonda Byrne The Magic.(Click on the image)

Magic - The power of Gratitude

Magic – The power of Gratitude

The book costs around Rs. 210, a real value for money.

If you are interested in buying the other books of Rhonda, you can click on the below links. Most of the things of Power are same as that of Secret. Hence you can go for Secret first.(Click on the image).

Secret - The power of gratitude







I would suggest you to read and practice The Magic which will help you to develop the art of gratitude. To buy Secret and Power is all upon an individual wish. At first stage you just need the Magic.

Always remember we all are different. Some of us won’t buy the logic what is written in the book, don’t feel upset or feel cheated. There is always something that you can learn from this book, though how practical are you. I wish everyone of you reading this post, find peace and love with a little step of gratitude.

Let’s talk: Do you practice Gratitude or have any tips or any good read for our readers, do share.

Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.

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  • Reply Kalpanaa June 27, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I love the attitude of gratitude. It really does help one to be happier.

    • Reply yogafreak June 28, 2016 at 4:35 pm

      Yes, a simple thankyou works wonder..Thank you…

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