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Plank :An exercise to increase your strength

February 1, 2016
Power plank

I have been practicing Yoga again for quite few months. Now, I feel quite comfortable with the Beginners Yoga asanas and some of the intermediate level asanas. For those who are new to Yoga and feel that it is a very static form of physical activity, they need to be shaken and should be shown some advanced postures.

Yoga asanas are of different difficulty levels. It is generally categorized as Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Advanced Yoga poses includes  Scorpion Pose , Crane Pose, Various Headstands and much more.

Crane Pose - Advanced Yoga Asana

Crane Pose – Advanced Yoga Asana

I have tried to attempt some of the poses but failed miserably.

I have realized that I lack the hand strength, that is needed by my hands to hold my body weight and to balance myself.

I am now looking for various exercises that will provide strength to my hands.

Well, my research is still under the way, however I discovered a very simple but effective way to increase the strength.

Plank to increase hand strength, build core muscles and much more…

Planks are regarded as one of the most effective exercises that one can perform.

Also considered as one of the most simple and requiring not enough space or equipment.

Plank is also called hover, abdominal bridge. In a classic plank position, you have to keep yourself parallel to the ground.

Your body is supported by your forearm and toe.

Basic Plank position: Tones your core and gluteals (butt muscles).

Basic Plank position: Tones your core and gluteals (butt muscles).

There can be variation in the pose and you can use balls or can do side planks. Also, you can lift either your leg or arm in this position.

Variation in the Plank

Variation in the Plank

Benefits of Planks :

  1. The foremost benefit is that it is very effective on your abdomen. It works on all the core muscles. It tightens the belly.
  2. Not only you are improving your core muscles, but it is an effective way to improve your posture.
  3. I believe it is an important exercise that will increase your hand’s strength. It improves the flexibility in the shoulder.
  4. An effective exercise to provide support to your lower back.

Plank is one of the most simple exercises and can be performed  every day for 2-3 minutes. Plank helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body  and hence it is a good full body work out.

  1. Start with a minute of basic plank.
  2. Now rest on your elbows instead of your palms (elbow plank) and stay there for 30 seconds.
  3. Make it more effective by raising your leg (30 seconds each leg).
  4. You can also go for side plank (30 seconds each side).

I always believe that doing our small bit daily, will help us to accomplish our bigger goals.

Hope , practicing plank in my daily yoga routine will help me to get a step nearer to Advanced stage asana.

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