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Patience :The power of this virtue

January 5, 2016
Patience is a virtue

Welcome readers !!! I hope you are still basking in the energy which has come along with the new year.

And in case you have drifted from this, try to change your direction. First stop and think why the energy which was there during the beginning of the year has dissipated.

One reason could be, many of us don’t want to leave the sweet vacation period and join this grind again. Count me in on this one.

For others, they are again disappointed. Have you seen my post on Who has disappointed you? Again disappointed with themselves. You promised to exercise again but it has not yet started. To have an organized and disciplined day but again days are chaos.

If you are in this category then kudos to you. No matter what the current state is, at- least you promised to improve yourself. This is the most important thing. To identify what you want to improve.

So, what is the next step!! Well, friends the next step is to stop feeling guilty of not making any progress, to stop worrying about your goals.

If you have decided and really want that thing, you will get it. Just let it float in the universe and be calm.Don’t start negative self talks.

Have patience and keep your calm

Have patience and keep your calm

Just imagine, are you going to keep the same goal or targets for the next year!!!

Don’t you want to climb up the ladder. Let that thing be achieved, whatever it is -your higher education or shedding some pounds or joining the yoga course and then target the next goal.

Keep moving. Always remember life is not infinite. We all have certain time period to live, so why not experience the joy our dreams will bring to us. Just achieve them!!!(Yes, here I get little bossy)

Fine, we all know these things, then what next.

Now you have a goal and zeal inside you to achieve it. Next you should have is patience. You don’t achieve things overnight. Even if you do, there must be a lot going in the background.

Patience is a virtue

Have you heard of the Chinese Bamboo Story?

“If you plant a bamboo seed, there won’t be any growth for four years. You will be nurturing the plant but no sign of sprout coming out.In the fifth year, the plant will grow 80 feet tall in six weeks.”

So, have patience, toil and you will receive. Work hard and smart and you will grow.

This is something that I always think when I am working for the Challenge series. Thinking about the result, keeps me motivated and I know, if I am not going to succeed now, I will be finding other smart ways to improve.

So, what’s your goal and how are you planning to use this patience virtue to achieve things or do let me know how this has helped you in the past. By sharing our stories we motivate others to reach their goals.Don’t we !!

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  • Reply Megha Gupta January 8, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    patience is really important in life, good post dear

    • Reply yogafreak January 8, 2016 at 2:57 pm

      Yes, one of the best virtues to have.Thanks for reading the post and commenting.

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