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Naukasana // Boat Pose to reduce belly fat

January 3, 2016
Boat pose or Naukasana

Here I am going to focus on certain asana which are specific to reduction of the belly fat. You can try this asana starting with a holding period of 10 seconds and gradually increasing to 30 seconds or a minute.

So, the first effective asana is the Naukasana or the Boat Pose. When I started Yoga, I was not able to hold this asana for long but on gradual practice I improved. I see pictures of Yogi touching their toes while performing this asana. I always wonder how they do!! I know one day I will be able to do the same as my Guru Mantra is Practice and everything else will come.

So, let’s get into this asana details

More on Naukasana or the Boat Pose

This is the first asana in my series of Challenge to reduce belly fat.This asana got its name, after the boat shape it takes.

Nauka in Sanskrit means Boat. Asana means Posture or Pose.

It is considered as one of the most effective asana when it comes to reducing the belly fat.

How to do Boat Pose or Naukasana

Naukasana - The Boat Pose

Naukasana – The Boat Pose

"Paripurna-Navasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel" by Kennguru - Own work. 
 Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons

·        Lie flat on your back. Body relaxed and feet should be touching each other

·        Now inhale slightly raise your arms and legs from the ground

·        Exhale and lift your chest and feet off the ground.

·        Your thighs should be making an angle of 45 degree with the ground

·        Your arms should also be raised and should be stretched towards your feet or parallel to the ground.

·        Try to hold this position for 30 seconds. If you are a beginner it will be difficult to hold for this long. You can start with 10 seconds and slowly increasing your time

·        You can also hold this position for a minute to see good results

·        Inhale and come back to the original position

Benefits of Boat Pose or  Naukasana

Though this asana is recommended for reducing the belly fat. It has other benefits also.

·        It strengthens the back muscles, hip flexors along with the abdominal muscles

·        It is useful for people having hernia

·        It helps relives the stress

·        It is believed to improve the digestion

·        It tones the arms and legs also

Precautions of Boat Pose or Naukasana

·        People having from low blood pressure, chronic disease, migraine, headaches should not practice this asana

·        People having asthma should also avoid this pose.

·        If you have heart disease, please avoid this asana.

·        Pregnant women should not practice this asana.

There are other variations or modifications also, which you can follow in order to do this asana. Just check out the link here.

I will be soon posting more in the series of belly fat reduction. Once I have certain asanas details line up, I will try to include them all in one post. Hope it helps.Till then Happy Practicing.


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