Meditation – How to meditate?

November 20, 2015
How to Meditate

It has been almost been a month since I have started this blog, yet I have not touched the topic of meditation or on different ways to meditate. There are two reasons, first I am a rookie at this practice of meditation and secondly, I believe that we should first try to achieve some sort of physical fitness so that our mind is more alert and calm.Hence my initial focus was on physical asana and breathing exercise

So, does this mean that Meditation is only for those, who practice Hatha Yoga or you can’t practice it,until you have commanded the yoga poses? No, it is not like that. Mediation is for everyone. In Sanskrit it is called Dhyana. It is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

When we practice any asana or yoga pose, we are making our physical self-healthy. Similarly when we practice meditation, we are making our mind healthy.

In today’s world we are living at the brink of stress/tension, for every activity we set stringent deadlines and forgetting to live or enjoy the task at hand. We finish a task and then run for another one, running to meet one deadline and then the other. We have some many commitments and so less time. We are pulled out in every direction. We sometimes feel so overwhelmed by petite things which drive us really crazy.

To free yourself from this process of stress, we should dive within ourselves. We should train our emotions, our mind on how to react to things, not to worry too much about petite issue and to let go many things. Meditation is a way to discover ourselves. We look inside. We come to see our true self.

Why Meditate

The question can be best answered by you alone, once you start meditating. If you really want a peace of mind, a calm and serene self,a better you, you should practice Meditation

How to Meditate

Some people use mantra or chant to meditate. One such program by Art of Living is described here :Saha Mantra meditation Samadhi Meditation.

I believe that, we improve on meditation when we practice it daily like any Yoga asana. I don’t follow any mantra.

Here is how a beginner can start the Meditation

First sit in some quite place, an ambiance that helps you to focus and to keep an alert mind.

Keep your back, neck straight and mind alert.

Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. See how it comes and goes. You will soon find your mind wandering about other thoughts. Don’t worry as you are beginner. Try to refocus on your breath. Whenever your mind wanders, try to bring your thoughts back to your breath and nothing else.

Try to clear out your mind and focus. This is the toughest thing, don’t just give up and open your eyes.

Try not to open eyes for some duration. You will find that with each day practice you are improving.

Meditation - Journey to Inner Self

Meditation – Journey to Inner Self

In words of LazyYogi, this is how you should liberate yourself and practice meditation.

 “Sit, closing the eyes.
Concentrate the mind and sight in between eyebrows.
Keep watching there by focusing the attention.
Do not repeat any mantra or name.
Do not imagine anything.
Do not open eyes until the duration of meditation – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour – is over.”

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