Meditation a journey

March 31, 2016

Most of the yoga practitioners, start the Yoga journey for physical benefits. We are either attracted to Yoga or are advised by some to practice it.At that point of time, we don’t understand the depth of this journey.With each slow yet firm step, we move closer not only to physical health but also mental health.

Meditation is something we learn while understanding Yoga. Raja Yoga is a type of Yoga that emphasizes meditation.Raja means royal. It is a royal way of merging yourself with the Universe. We are the kings of large territory of our mind. Most of us, are the victims of the mind and can learn to control the thoughts by repeated practice. The art which helps us to do this is Meditation.

If you want to start the mediation and have no idea how to do it just do the following for few days.

Meditation, the way I do
  1. Sit in Vajrasana or the Lotus Pose.
  2. Now relax and close your eyes.
  3. Try to concentrate on your breath, look at the pattern, how it comes and goes.
  4. Or try to make your mind and sight concentrate in between your eyebrows.
  5. Don’t open your eyes for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

You don’t have to jump on any Mantra or anything to say.Try not to think about anything.Just focus on that space. Try this for few days, see for how long you can sit or practice this.

If you successfully do this, you can take next step. Look around and you will find the answers.

Some believe that mediation is an intensely personal matter and only a spiritual qualified person is able to guide.

This is really true, as qualified person will be able to understand your preferences, can gauge your mind. Look for that person if you want to understand more about yourself and your Mediation practice.

For people like me, who are still in the first phase, who are still trying to get a .001% of the meditation practice, just sit and close your eyes.Don’t open it, no matter how difficult you feel to resist the urge of opening your eyes.

This is something that I try to do. I try to open my eyes when I decide, not when I feel the urge.

However there is another way also. The way which Sri Sri Ravi Shankar suggests.

Meditation as per Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Here is a brief in his own words about Meditation.

  1. There are three golden rules for meditation. The first is, ‘I want nothing’.
  2. The second golden rule is, ‘I do nothing’. You only breathe.
  3. Then the last one is even more important – ‘I am nothing’. 

Learn more about his way of teaching Meditation, as described above from here.

Let’s talk: So, do you practice Meditation along with Yoga or simply Meditation. Share your tips and let’s all grow from everyone’s learning experience.

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