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Losing weight after pregnancy – Part 1

March 21, 2018
Losing weight after pregnancy

The biggest challenge one faces after pregnancy is to get rid of huge bulk of fats. Apart from caring for the newborn, one always thinks about the fat tummy which still resembles like a pregnant one.

However, it is wise not to lose your nerve on the weight gained and bereft yourselves from enjoying this phase. I personally feel that one can wait until 3 months before starting the proper workout.Lack of time is major reason behind this. One can definitely start light walks and gentle exercise, if time permits.

Here are certain things I am at present following. Also, if you are exclusively breastfeeding (ebf), losing weight after a threshold will be a challenge.

You can see the below link to get more idea.

Why You are Not Losing Weight While Breastfeeding

However don’t get discourage by this.I feel that though losing weight is difficult while ebf but you can definitely shed some extra pounds from your stomach and if lucky from other parts also.

For me, it is still a learning curve. Here are certain pointers I am following.

  1. Drinking enough water : This is a most basic and most relevant thing one should follow. It seems simple but mind it, to keep track of how much water you have drank is always not possible. On an average one should drink abut 8 glasses of water. To make the task easy, always carry a 2 liter water bottle with you. This will help you to track how much water you have consumed.Other than that, if you are tech savy, you can use various health apps that also track your water consumption.

    Drink 2 litres of water daily

    Drink 2 litres of water daily

  2. Skip Sugar: Yes, this is most difficult thing that I feel. You are served with high calorie food, laden with sugar after delivery that you can’t skip it at first. However, once you feel physically  active, you can decide to lower the amount of sugar.I avoid sugar with milk and also avoid any carving for any sweet thing.Always try to substitute your cakes and chocolates with fruits like grapes, strawberries.

    Losing weight after pregnancy

    Replace sweets with fruits

  3. Avoid refined grains : Try to avoid fast food and refined grain. Go for wholesome. Refine carbohydrates are easily absorbed in blood and which spikes your sugar level.You can make changes your eating habits like going for brown bread than white one.

    Avoid refined flour

    Avoid refined flour

  4. Find alternatives: Fill yourself up with salads, sprouts. You can drop some serving of rice for sprouts. Eat sprouts between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. Use them ask snack. They will keep you full and help you to avoid unnecessary eating.
  5.  Keep healthy options handy: As a mother, one won’t be having enough time for meal preparation. Try to keep a stock of nuts like almonds,walnuts,pistachio etc. These nuts would easily satisfy your hunger and will divert you from eating cakes, cookies, biscuits.

Well these are just few tips which one can start following to lose weight in a healthy way.Keep tune in for more tips.

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