Do you feel tired after Yoga class

May 21, 2016
Feeling tired after yoga

If you feel tired throughout the day, after practicing Yoga then you should look for an answer rather than letting it go. Well, if you have just started practicing then you can feel little tired as this is something new to your body.In the initial stage, a beginner can face pains as initially joints are stiff. But with gradual practice as the elasticity of the body increases, it will diminish.

However a beginner should not follow the concept of ‘no pain no gain’ in Yoga. If it hurts then stop. Don’t force yourself in the pose. Let it come to you and it will with regular practice.

The goal of Yoga is the unification of mind and body.If your body is tired throughout of day, then there is little one can think in terms of these things.

So, why are you feeling tired after Yoga? Well there could be various reasons

  1. You are not doing proper Savasana or the Corpse Pose : Corpse Pose is performed at the end of every Yoga session. After your Yoga make sure that you perform the Corpse Pose properly.Don’t underestimate this pose.It will take care of all your stretches, complex poses and tiredness.
  2. You are not doing the asanas the proper way :Make sure you are following what your teacher is saying. If instructions are not clear to you, then ask. If still you can’t follow them, ask them or spend some more time with teacher after classes clearing the doubts.
  3. May be sweaty asana is not for you at this point of time, look for more restorative asana. Hope you remember the different styles of Yoga. Choose Yin/Yang Yoga  rather than Bikram or Asthanga style.
  4. You are a learner and you are exerting so much. Most of the beginners try to overdo. Take the practice slowly. Don’t rush. Do as much as you can.

Even if you feel tired, then talk to your teacher. Make sure you feel better after Yoga. The key is practice but practice in right direction.

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