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Confession of a failure -Challenge series

March 18, 2016
Confession of a failure

I have a confession to make.Yes,it is a confession of a failure, about my Challenge series.Well for those, who are wondering what this Challenge series is. Just sneak in.

In short it was a challenge, I gave to myself to reduce my extra tummy fat which accumulated after the birth of my daughter. It wasn’t that, I was a totally no belly-fat person but earlier I used to intelligently hide it.

I was avoiding writing this post. I avoided because I was not regular on the challenge series, I avoided because I am a failure in this challenge series, I avoided because my belly is again where I had started. I am back at the same point again.

I stopped the practice for some days and it became regular.

  • I was regular with my Yoga practice from December. In-fact before going on break in February, I was regular doing 40 minutes -1 hour yoga and someday even extending it to 1 hour 30 minutes.

I thought I will continue Yoga everyday but I was so wrong. I skipped for a day and then another and then for whole 2 weeks. I really feel guilty about this.

Confession of a failure
  • I had visited my hometown and it is a cold place.Even during February, there were no signs of spring. The favorite past time of people is to drink tea. You get up , you will be offered tea, brushed your teeth, have some tea, breakfast without tea:: no way, an hour has passed::let’s have some tea, go to someone’s place: you are never asked for water because it is so cold there, they immediately ask their juniors to make tea.
  • Yes, I was working from home but I was at home, so aloo parantha made in ghee is mandatory. I never thought for a second before indulging in those oil laden pakorras(bhujiya) or that stuffed parantha.
  • We had some religious function and so many of my relatives visited. No body came to the house without sweet. And when most of your elders were avoiding the sweet stuff because of diabetes or other health related issue, you ought to finish this stuff.
  • I don’t know but many of my aunts were literally asking me to eat properly as according to them I had become so thin. So, taking this as an advice, I feasted.

These might be some of the craziest reasons I gave myself to indulge but yes aren’t holidays for these.

So, after reaching Bangalore, I realized that I had done much damage to my body and I was no near to my challenge series’s goal.

I started Yoga the next morning. I realized that not practicing had again made my body stiff.

Keep trying

Keep trying

So, here I am again, trying to get along with all the poses. Hope they come to me with the same ease,once they used to. However there is still stiffness and some more stretch training that will go to recover from this hangover effect.

I will again start this series , I don’t feel like quitting. Hope I improve this time and complete. Hope there will be no more confession of a failure on my behalf.

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