Coming back to Yoga after a break

December 22, 2016
Yoga after a break

If are the one who always used to start her day with Yoga Practice.It rained or shone, no matter what might had come but you were always glued to your Yoga mat.Taking two or three days break would have put you to a guilt trip.

However due to some injury or your change of lifestyle, you have kept yourself away from your dear mat.It may be a gap of 12 days to 12 months. Whatever be the reason, you will find it hard to again start the practice. It happens,it is inertia, it is the Newton’s first law of motion which states that :

“Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it”.

Law of Inertia : You will continue to be in state of rest unless acted by a force

Law of Inertia : You will continue to be in state of rest unless acted by a force

You will continue your state of non practice, unless you are not compelled by some force. Well, here the force can be external or internal. External can be from your Yoga community, from your partner.Internal is the force acted by you. The force will be a voice, a motivation or a self awareness alert from inside, that will compel you to again start the practice.However if your present state of luxury or laziness is too high, it may override this Internal voice. In order to really start your practice i.e to make the force of motivation higher than the lethargic attitude, you need some tips. Below I am providing few that might help you.

I need tips to start Yoga after a break

I need tips to start Yoga after a break

Word of Caution: In case the stopping force is an injury than listen to your body and rest.Physical asana is the just part of Yoga, you can always mediate and learn deep breathing. Work on that, if you are a novice; achieve further heights, if you are already a practitioner.

Small tips to start Yoga after a break

Believe me, coming back to Yoga practice is really hard. It is where the real push is required. Your body is now not used to the practice scheduled. You have to convince the body and the mind to start it.

  1. Start small : Yes, you hear it right. Don’t be over ambitious and don’t take the benchmark as the last time you were doing practice. Start small and for smaller duration. Asthanga Yoga practice takes a long time, have realistic goals. Don’t target full or even half of the practice the first few days. You can start with Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation and some breathing exercise and then wound it up.
  2. Check what inspires you : There is always something, that inspire you to get up and move your body.It was there before also and it will be there now also. Find it, what inspires you. Do you really feel inspired by those Pinterest images or the Rocky movie or the Shaloin Monk movies. Whatever it is, keep it close to heart. Watch them daily and just give yourself also a try.
  3. Change your surrounding/the energies: I believe in energy, isn’t it, this is what we are all made up of all. You scream, you clutter, you remain untidy..what are you doing. You are inviting negative energies around you.So, get up, stop being in that untidy room, the unkempt kitchen or your disorganized wardrobe. Clean up all and you will make a way for your practice. Believe me it works.
  4. Find a community: Well, where are your friends with whom you go for practice.Join them back, check what others fitness freak people are doing. Get inspired instead of feeling jealous.

Hope some of these ideas may help you to get back to the practice.Always remember, practice and everything is going to come.So, keep Practicing.

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