Challenge Series- Belly fat reduction

Challenge Series Update: Belly fat reduction

February 4, 2016
belly fat challenge series

I am little late (3 days late)  in posting about the update of Challenge :: Belly fat reduction.

Here are my updates on the Challenge series.

  • I have been regular with my Yoga asanas. When I am really tight on time, I perform Sun Salutations and Kapalbhati Pranayama.
  • I have also included some stretching asanas in my schedule. Stretches are going to open up my stiff body parts.I think, I need good strength in my hands to hold my body weight. That’s why I am reading more about planks and other sort of stretching exercise.
  • To be honest, when I first started doing the stretches especially the Warrior Poses, I used to feel a lot tired through out the day. The situation has improved a lot.There are days, when I practice Yoga for 1 hour 15 minutes and feel energetic through out the day.Still there are days, when I feel very exhausted by the end of the day. I know this is going to improve. Let my body soak in this beautiful Yoga asana.
  • I have still not put restriction on, what I should eat. It is really difficult for me. I need to seriously, look at this point.
Well where am I on the Challenge Series: Belly fat reduction
  • I need to use an inch tape to track my progress. I don’t see much difference as far as body look is concern. My weight is stable as before. However I feel light and experimenting with my old clothes.

This week was super busy for me, however I never compromised on my yoga, which I am real proud of. However I secretly want to master all the poses( Ufff…a long term goal). When I see photos of Yogins, I feel so motivated. At present I am not even 20% of what those people can do.

A flexible Yogini: Post :Belly fat Reduction challenge

A flexible Yogini

But remember, Yoga is not a competition. Some people are really flexible and don’t require much efforts. My Yoga is going to come to me, in my own way.I don’t want the competition to steal the joy of this practice. I have to listen to my body in this practice and I will.

I feel really grateful, that I decided to start this blog and my Yoga Practice. Both of them are interlinked now and yes, let them both grow and fly parallel to each other.

Till then Happy Practicing.

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