Challenge Series- Belly fat reduction

Belly weight reduction Challenge

April 19, 2016
Belly fat reduction

Before starting the belly weight reduction challenge series, I really wanted to be sure that I don’t quit this time.

Hence I gave myself a good break before making it a regular activity.

Now I think it is the right time to work on the Belly weight reduction Challenge. I don’t want to invite people now as I want to work on it first and I am little doubtful. Doubtful about which exercise is best and which will give an instant results.If you think that doing crunches will help you focus on your core then you are so wrong.

It will require many things, which I want to learn and share on this Challenge journey.

It is not that I don’t know anything, I have read a lot about core and other stuff but I have not experienced it myself.

So, let me just put myself in the practice and see the changes.

What is this Belly weight reduction Challenge all about?

It is a challenge to reduce the belly fat. Most of the women like me feel difficultly in reducing their belly fat especially after delivery.

Abdominal muscles require different form of exercises not just simple jog or running on treadmill.

Hence to reduce and to tone the stomach, I have started this Challenge.

What is Core and are there some different sorts of exercise?

Core includes everything in your body except hands and legs. So, it includes your hips, pelvic floor, inner abdominal, outer abdominal, glutes and scapula. Core provides the power to the body to make movement.

So, core is not just your abdominal muscles. Hence, traditional abs exercise like crunches or situps wont help you building up your core.So, to train your core, you have to train all the muscles involved in building your core not just your abdominal muscles.

Yes, there are different sorts of exercise involved, more of plank and side planks.

What are the exercises I involve in my routine?

I follow exercise provided by Bharat Thakur in his book Yoga for flat Abs.

I feel that I should stuck to one type of exercise for a while and then see the results.

If things or the results are not favorable, I will change the schedule.

For core it is generally Naukasana, Dwi Pada Uttanapadasan.

For how long this Challenge series will go on?

When I first started belly weight reduction challenge, I thought of working for 3 months. This time I am not setting a deadline, instead it will be measured on the progress every month.

What will I post about the updates?

Like last time, I will post them fortnightly. However if I feel a need to update on certain topics, I will share in before the schedule time also.

Are there other things I am focusing on?
Food my weakness: Belly fat reduction challenge

Food my weakness: Belly fat reduction challenge

To be honest, I need to look at my diet also. Rice and potatoes  are something that I should refrain. However, I am not thinking of dieting or making any chart of what to eat and what not.

I have never done any sort of dieting till now and food is sort of my weakness.

Am I sure I will do it this time?

Yes absolutely. If I doubt myself at this time, how can I ask others to trust me. This is not a challenge that I have taken, halfheartedly.

So, wish me luck, that I don’t break away from the schedule and work towards a flat ab.

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