Challenge Series- Belly fat reduction

Belly fat reduction -Challenge series– An update

January 16, 2016
Belly fat reduction - Challenge series- Update 1

Hey, it is the 16th day of my Challenge series and I am really excited and happy. Excited because I will be checking out the results and happy because I worked out every day to make it successful.

If you scroll little down you will see MY REPORT CARD which tells about any improvement or not.

Well as far as working every day is concerned, I am really happy about that. For this I should give myself a pat on the back. Waking up before everyone and then follow the plan what I had decided for myself was really exciting.

I will be soon post the plan on what types of schedule I fixed for myself. Keep visiting the blog.

So what was most challenging part I faced? Truly speaking, I am used to waking up early, so leaving the cozy bed was not an issue for me.

Before I started the challenge, I was also practicing 10-15 minutes of Meditation. With this new Challenge on the block, I decided to keep it on hold. I know it was hard for me as I was fairly enjoying the Meditation practice.

My work regime for belly fat reduction was taking 45 minutes + 15 minutes of Pranayama practice for first few days. Later the regime for belly fat reduction took lesser time and I am still slowly improving on that.

Another major challenge is diet. Oh God!!!! I am such a foodie that I can never go on diet. I know this. My husband is a really good cook and he prepares some fabulous dishes. He also loves eating out which is also a major hurdle on my way.

My diet during this time period was though home food but was full of carbohydrates like rice and all.

So finally let’s check the REPORT CARD!!!!!

Belly fat reduction challenge update

Belly fat reduction challenge update

Yes, there won’t be an overnight change but check it out guys there is improvement!!!

I really feel light around my waist but it is still a long way to go. I am pretty comfortable with 80% of the excerise I follow. I feel there is a need to add more to the series.

Where I have failed miserably!!!!

Yes, I want to be little tough on myself for having little self-control while managing diet.

I was told by a friend a 70/30 rule.

The rule states that, about 70 percent of initial weight loss comes from changes in diet and 30 percent from exercise.

Hmm!!! so I think for rest of 2.5 months, I have to eat in moderation.

I will also learn more on healthy eating and try to follow it in my diet.

It is still a long way to go and many muscles to train.Still, putting ourselves out of comfort zone is always rewarding.

Hope that I will cover the another 2.5 months with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Till then Happy Practicing.

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