All you need to know about Power Yoga

September 26, 2017
Power Yoga

We are all aware that pace at which we perform Yoga exercise and activities in gym is far from comparable. Many people enjoy  fast paced gym exercises where they can sweat a lot and get the feeling of workout.In-order to feel the same in Yoga, a term Power Yoga has been coined.Power Yoga is form of Yoga where one performs aerobic vigorous Yoga exercise.Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest are credited to develop Power Yoga. Power Yoga is a combination of strength, flexibility, and cardio with quick transition in between the poses. This increases the heart beat and makes you sweat a lot just like in gym exercise.

Some facts about Power Yoga

  1. It is based on Asthanga: Power Yoga is influenced by Asthanga Yoga which was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.
  2. It is an intense workout: Power Yoga is an intense workout that will make you sweat.You are constantly changing a posture. Unlike in Asthanga where you hold a posture for five breaths there is a great transition in Power Yoga.
  3. It is a good way to build strength : In Power Yoga, you move through various Chaturangas (sort of plank/push-ups) which helps you to improve your Core.Hence you have got an alternate way of building muscles, apart from lifting heavy weights.
    Plank position

    Plank position

  4. It doesn’t follow any specific sequence: Power Yoga is an athletic style of Yoga.Though it has its origination in Asthanga Yoga, it doesn’t follow the same type of sequence as in Asthanga Yoga.The sequence depends on your trainer/teacher.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  1. Helps in building strength and flexibility.
  2. Burns calories and improve metabolism.
  3. Bring awareness about body while practicing
  4. Eliminates toxins through sweat.
  5. Boost immune system by increasing blood circulation.
  6. For a regular practitioner, it helps in improving stamina.
  7. A workout which can be performed by all age group.
  8. Improves the sleep quality.

If you want a combination of both athletes and Yoga, Power Yoga is the best option for you.

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