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A little no to somethings

February 23, 2016

We all are busy. No matter how much we multitask, we are left which so much undone at the end of the day. Every day is more hectic than the previous day.We always look forward for weekends to help us unwind. For maximum people like me, we end up juggling multiple tasks that weekends seem to be more hectic than weekdays.

In-order to break this cycle, we should look for ways to Opt-out.

My today’s post is so much inspired by Opt-out . 

The methods suggested by Leo Babauta are very simple, yet I believe it will require some discipline practice to make it our habit. Highlighting, some of the points.

  • Say No to Facebook and Instagram: As Facebook and Instagram occupy maximum of our mind share and free time.
  • Too much Online reading: I know it is really hard, but considering so much data available, I believe we all have to be selective on what we should read and what we should avoid.
  • Email: If you are one of those, who constantly checks his e-mails than just stop and take a U-turn.If something is too important, you will get a call.
  • Shopping: It is not just about the fancy dress, it can be those books which you keep on buying. I know books are our best friends, but only when they are been read.
  • Self- Improvement : This one is really new for me.We need to stop that urge to keep improving ourselves. Instead, we should practice mindfulness and self-reflection.

So, let’s try to unhook from some of the things and try to live not just survive.

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