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5 Reasons why Yoga is beautiful

April 14, 2016

Every day when I start my morning with Yoga asana, I feel blessed. I feel blessed for my health, blessed for knowing about this practice, blessed that I am able to try out the asanas.

I have already penned about my journey with Yoga which started because of a means of weight loss. Not that I was too heavy or have lost oodles of weight.I was just chubby and wanted to tone myself down. This toning thing has always kept me on toes and because of that I have discovered Yoga.

I always consider Yoga as a beautiful practice which helps you in some way or the other.

So, why Yoga is beautiful?

Here are my few reasons because of which I considered Yoga is beautiful

  • Yoga has different styles

    Yoga is beautiful

    Yoga is beautiful

Yoga is beautiful because it has all the styles in it which you want to follow.If you feel, Yoga is too slow then try Bikram or Vinyasa style. If you love sequencing your movements slowly and staying longer in a pose, we have Yin Yoga for you.

If you are looking for the gentle side of Yoga, try Hatha Yoga.

If you are looking for a workup style and sweaty Yoga, try Bikram Yoga.

You ask and it will be served.Think about the style which you love to try out the most and then try it.

  • Yoga is for everyone

    Yoga is for everyone

    Yoga is for everyone

No matter which age group you fall. If you have the will to practice, you can do Yoga. Yoga is not only about the asana or the poses. Mediation and Pranayama(breathing exercise) form an important part of Yoga.Also, hope you remember the various Yoga Mudras which also provide a great health benefit.

  • Yoga has given strength and hope to many people

If you search around or look online, you will find so many life changing stories which happened after people found  Yoga. Practicing Yoga not only provides physical strength but also builds up mental strength.

Meditation is also a way to increase your mental strength. Daily steps towards Yoga provide immense strength to the practitioner and help them to tackle every day’s life issue easily.

  • Yoga helps you to become a mindful eater

So, you eat more when you are depressed or you eat whatever is served to you without giving a  single thought. When you practice Yoga you feel for your body, you think about the food you are consuming and the effect it is having on your body. This awareness will save your body from becoming a dumping ground of all sort of food you eat. You will enjoy your food and such healthy eating is most desired by the body.

  • Yoga gives you a glowing skin

Some of the postures like the Cobra Pose, Fish Pose, Shoulder Stand, Triangle Pose,  increase oxygenation to the face area or the head. Even inverted postures and forward bends, increase blood supply to the head and can help achieve clean, glowing skin.

Let’s talk: So why do you practice Yoga and what all benefits you have realized from your Yoga practice.

Till then Happy Practicing.

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